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Prescription Wiley X Safety Frames for Industrial Safety Glasses, Motorcycle Riding Eyewear, Radiation/Xray Leaded Glass, Diving/Snorkel Mask, Shooting, Welding, Brazing & More.  Transitions, Polarized, Anti Glare, Drivewear & more!!


Not sure what to give someone as a gift?
Give the gift of sight: a SafeVision Gift Certificate!  Call us for details at 314-961-7406

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NEW:  Premium Anti-Fog (PAF) lens coating - Finally a product that actually works- Anti Fog

SafeVision in "GunBlast" Mag   SafeVision in "Field & Stream" Mag  SafeVision in "Inside Line" Mag

SafeVision "Try-At-Home Frame Review Program"...Try at home before you buy!

 A note to our worldwide customer base:
SafeVision is proud to be your supplier of prescription eyewear for all of your needs including Industrial Safety, Shooting, Hunting, Fishing, Motorcycle, Swimming, and more.
Please remember that SafeVision is also here to provide our great prescription lenses for your everyday street glasses as well. 
The great SafeVision lenses & coatings you trust us for your specialty glasses can also be made for your current street frames.  When your prescription changes, you can mail us your frame and order SafeVision lenses only.  Contact us or call us Toll Free at 888-254-7406 for more details and thank you for your business!

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Corporate Safety Eyewear Programs
Fog Free Planos
Dry Eye Syndrome
Glass Lenses
Specialty Safety Eyewear
  New - Coppertone Polarized Lenses  
Optical Accessories
Secure Payments

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In The News
Wrap Around Safety Eyewear
Wrap Around Riding/Motorcycle
Wrap Safety Glasses w/ Rx insert
Traditional Style Safety Eyewear w/ shields

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Prescription Snorkel Mask with Rx insert
Prescription &
Non Prescription
Xray Eyewear
Prescription Shooting Eyewear
Prescription Welding/Brazing Eyewear
Polarized Lenses
Prescription Polarized Transition Lenses
Z87 Certified Wrap Around Prescription Safety Eyewear for Industrial, Dry Eye Relief, Riding, Shooting, Military
Wrap Around Prescription & Plano PanoptxMotorcycle Riding & leisure glasses & Dry Eye Relief
Wrap Safety Frames with prescription safety lens inserts.

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Traditional Style Prescription Safety Eyewear with Side Shields (permanent or removable)

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Prescription Snorkel Masks & Swim goggles 

Prescription sports glasses for kids, teens & adults
Prescription & Plano Xray/Radiation Eyewear & MRI/fMRI interchangeable lens systems
G-Line Shooting FrameMarksman Shooting Frame
Prescription Shooting/Hunting/Outdoor Glasses

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Specialty Prescription Safety Eyewear for various uses: Non Conductive, welding, industrial goggles, etc.
Pescador PE  Wave Killer WK

Prescription Costa Del Mar  
Fishing/Hunting/Outdoor Glasses

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Drivewear: Prescription
Polarized Transition Lenses


Phone: 314-961-7406 | Toll Free: 888-254-7406 in USA | Fax: 314-558-1102 |

We Proudly Carry Wiley X Frames