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  • Web App Maintenance (Hourly)

** Join us hourly for basic website updates and monitoring ** 

» Maintenance Benefits

Benefit from 1 hour of basic maintenance services.  This is the most cost-effective option for small businesses or a professional in the general public who prefers quick WordPress Website services. Need to Learn More? Please Read on....

» Here is what you get

☑ Get WordPress Website Plugins Updates and Site Backup

☑ Get Fillable Contact Form Testing for Accuracy

☑ Get Lifetime customer service with our team.

» WordPress Maintenance Preference

This maintenance package is best for Content Management Systems (CMS) that need security patches. We will perform daily security scans to ensure your CMS sites are up-to-date- We also provide hourly version upgrades with this maintenance service.

» Why Maintain Your WordPress Sites

Customers who require maintenance of their websites right away should use this plan.  This is the most cost effective way for clients who need our services quickly to maintain their website(s) or to resolve a current problem.  Need to learn more, please read on....

» Common Site Maintenance Needs

Websites need maintenance. Many website owners neglect their websites entirely either because they do not have the means or resources to work on their websites or that they are unaware that this can ultimately end up destroying their websites and their online presence.  Website owners should be fully committed to the success of their sites.  To do this, here are some maintenance steps clients need to prepare for:

(a) Web Hosting Management-  Keep a schedule to manage new and existing website hosting plan, such as the domain name renewal, SSL certificate, and expiration dates.

(b) Website Security- Ensure that no website data have been breached, leaked, or copied by unauthorized parties. This is especially important if clients websites hold confidential information.  Frequent security scans, troubleshooting security issues, and installing firewalls are vital.

(c) Website Backups and Recovery - A client's website should be regularly backed up.  Frequent backups are essential to ensure your client can recover their site data in case of an incident such as a cyber attack or system error.  Depending on the website, backups should occur weekly but if there are regular interactions from sites visitors, a website should be backed up daily.

(d) Software Updates, CMS, Plugins and Themes- Whichever Content Management System (CMS) a client is using, frequent updates or patches are necessary to ensure its smooth functionality. If someone fails to update their site regularly, they will face technical errors, compatibility conflicts, and security issues.  

(e) Technical Support - Providing technical support, Answering regular websites or technological issues clients are having with their websites, troubleshooting websites downtime and other related issues.  In most cases, clients may need a dedicated weekly, monthly or yearly subscription services to keep their websites running smooth.

(f) Website Content, Updates, Changes, Adding/Updating New Content- Websites that require content moderation needs to remain current as new contents are being created.  In order to attract visitors to a website, to boost traffic and profitability, new information have to be created to keep the public/users engaged.  Content creation takes time, a client will need a team to handle content to their website regularly.

(g) Design and Development Changes- Websites need to remain fresh, clients will need to stay ahead of the game.  Targeted design and development improvements will be a great benefit to keep visitors coming and staying on their websites.  Websites with outdated technologies may need new features for user interaction.  As one example, modifying clients' websites to introduce mobile-responsive features will make the website optimally accessible on all handheld devices.

(h) Website Analytics- Make use of analytical tools so that a client can learn about website traffic to make decisions based on visitor activities.  An example of where this is important is, a client can target certain contents to a page that is widely visited, while at the same time, the client can make changes to pages with less to no traffic accordingly. 

All in all, in order to make sure that your website is achieving its purpose, web maintenance is essential. Websites that are not maintained or monitored regularly may be subject to errors or attacks.  More importantly, if you are a small business owner, maintaining your website is necessary and vital for your success.  If you want to maintain an online presence, increase the number of new visitors to your site, and boost traffic, you are going to need scheduled maintenance.  Contact us for further details: Inquiries and Questions

» Why us?

☑ Dököll Solutions, Inc. is a small team of customer-oriented experts, with nearly 2 decades of experience. We listen to our customers' needs; this helps us better accomplish the task at hand.

☑ We provide our customers a knowledge transfer document, in case maintenance is being handled in-house.

☑ We make available a comprehensive and inexpensive maintenance package, in the event our customers want to continue with our services.

☑ Lastly, all of our customers are important, no distinction. We will respond to all requests in a timely fashion.

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Web App Maintenance (Hourly)

  • $125.00

  • Ex Tax: $125.00

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