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  • Silver Membership (Monthly)

Join us, with a monthly payment of $119.99 and benefit from our Silver Membership level options.  Receive a vast array of Information Technology (IT) advice and tips for 45 minutes a week, with a live expert.  Get an additional 1 hour(s) per month of one-on-one support for CMS, shop, site maintenance.  Persons with ongoing IT needs, or small businesses with ongoing IT concerns should use this membership level.  Use all 4 hours within two weeks or stretch them out throughout the month.  Need to learn more? Keep reading...


Features and Offers


» Get one-on-one advice and support with existing logo and/or banner designs, for personal and professional presentations: portfolio, business, eCommerce and other websites or online shops.  

» Benefit from this membership if you need continuous maintenance with data-driven websites (front-end only), get help with front-end HTML5 and PHP application code and design.


» Gain expert support to enhance popular Content Management Systems (CMS) sites, including Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress application monitoring once a month.


If you need additional assistance that is not included in the above services, please see other low cost options on these pages: Custom eCommerce Website Design (Light)Web Application Maintenance (Hourly)

**An individual with ongoing IT needs, or small businesses with ongoing IT concerns should use this membership level**

Your membership includes a 1-hour application development coaching session based on commonly used tools we have tested for designing, launching, and troubleshooting successful applications.  This membership level will help you develop your skills so that you can feel more confident in using emerging technology and become confident at working independently to fix own system problems. Contact us if you need additional information: Inquiries and Questions

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Silver Membership (Monthly)

  • $119.99

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